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Announcing the arrival of our Black Duao Short-Sleeve Button-Up, a true masterpiece in relaxed all-cotton Ankara style. This shirt is the perfect fusion of comfort and style, where the matching placket and welt pocket add a touch of sharpness to the overall look.

What truly makes this shirt stand out is its paisley psychedelic print, a captivating and bold design that's bound to impress. In our men's collection, variety reigns supreme, and this shirt gives you the opportunity to rock the print in a traditional shirt and drawstring pants or jeans, allowing you to express your individuality and unique style.

Make a statement with the Black Duao Short-Sleeve Button-Up and let your authenticity shine through. Embrace the versatility of this piece and celebrate your one-of-a-kind essence. Be Authentic - Be You!


Black Duao African Print Button-Up Shirt (PAISLEY)


    • 100% African Print 
    • Relax Collar 
    • Welt Pocket with paisley print
    • Straight Bowling  Hem 

    Designed and  crafted in the U.S 

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