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Step into the spotlight with our Mele Black Men's African Print Button-Up Shirt, a fusion of classic sophistication and vibrant detail. This shirt seamlessly combines a sleek black cotton shirt with intricate African print details adorning the collar, pocket, and plaquet, adding an unexpected and delightful twist to your style.

The juxtaposition of black and the vivid African print creates a dynamic contrast that exudes elegance and comfort. This shirt is more than just an article of clothing; it's a work of art that celebrates your individuality.

Perfect for those summer nights, pair it with jeans or dress pants and complete the look with dress shoes. Whether you're stepping out for a casual evening or a formal event, this shirt adds an element of charm and uniqueness to your ensemble.

For an extra touch of togetherness, coordinate your outfit with your lady's attire, creating a harmonious and fashionable statement. Celebrate your unique style and let it shine with the Mele Black Men's African Print Button-Up Shirt. Be Authentic - Be You!

Mele Men's African Print Black Button-Up Shirt

    • Button-Up Shirt
    • Short Sleeve
    • Neru Collared Neckline
    • Pocket at Chest
    • 100% Cotton
    • Designed and crafted in the USA
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