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The Black Mola medium rim felt hat, brings lightness and comfort. Mola is the basic reinvented, flat brim hat,It's stain- and wrinkle-resistant, durable, water-repellant and comfortable in all seasons. Paired with a original handwoven cuna mola band, it's a combo that you'll be happy to place on your head for years.and is the sure bet ace up your sleeve to bring a touch of distinction to any look.

Soft medium brim (4cm) · 100% wool felt and  grosgrain · Unisex  · Plastic shell included for care of shape


$45.99 Regular Price
$36.79Sale Price
  • Dust your hat with a soft bristled brush to keep it clean. Heat will shrink the interior sweatband - avoid exposure to stoves, radiators, lamps and car windows. Store your hat in a cool dry place to help it to retain its shape and stay clean.

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